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Lash extensions, lash lifts are perhaps the quickest way to refresh your look. Of these three, lash extensions are the most intensive. We are committed to your lash care, but in order for you to keep long-lasting and beautiful lash extensions, it’s vital that you prepare your natural lashes prior to your appointment and follow our after-care instructions carefully. Failing to do so can affect the comfort and longevity of your lash extensions.

Preparing For Your New Lashes

Avoid any type of waterproof makeup around eyes for at least a week prior to your appointment, especially eyeliner and mascara. These types of makeup typically leave a residue on your lashes that does not come off easily and will reduce your retention if left on. Wash your eyes every day while not wearing the waterproof makeup to ensure it’s fully removed.

We advise clients to shower prior to their arrival at our lash spa, as you want to come with clean lashes and then avoid saturating them with water for 24-48 hours afterward. If you can’t shower ahead of time, please come a few minutes early to wash off any NON-waterproof makeup before your appointment.

Avoid caffeine for a few hours prior to your lash application to reduce your eye movements when lying down, which can affect the application of your lashes by our PMU and lash artists.

In some ways, getting ready for your appointment is similar to that of preparing for permanent makeup services. Whether you are visiting us for lashes, brow laminating,  lip blush, powder brows, or permanent eyeliner, taking the necessary steps to ensure your skin is ready for treatment is important.

Aftercare For Your New Lashes

It’s important to avoid saturating your lashes for 24-48 hours after their application. In addition, here are the best lash extension care practices to ensure your lashes’ performance, according to our Lash Artists:

  • Wash at least daily with a lash cleanser and brush. This will help with retention, reduce the chances of having an allergic reaction to the adhesive, and keep you from getting lash mites, which can contribute to eye infections.
  • Rinse your lashes first thing in the morning every day to get any debris, skin and oil off them.
  • Avoid oil-based face products, makeup and makeup removers.
  • Do not use mascara.
  • Do not use any waterproof mascara or eyeliner.
  • Do not use false lash strips on top. If you do this, the adhesive gets stuck in your lashes, and your extensions must be removed and reapplied.
  • Avoid high heat, such as ovens, grills, bonfires, hot showers, saunas and smoking–especially joints. They can singe your lashes, melt them together and cause them to lose their curl. Please be aware that most clients who have to get their lashes removed and reapplied are clients who smoke marijuana in joint form or any other way where the lighter is only a few inches from the face.
  • We recommend using a sealant at the base of your extensions before swimming, working out or other activities where your lashes may get wet with water or sweat.

Testimonials From Google and Facebook

I just got the powder brows done and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with how they turned out!!! Ashley & Deanna really took their time making sure that my brows were perfect before the shading process was started. They look natural, yet put-together. I’m looking forward to not having to do my eyebrows anymore in the morning haha

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Hali P.

You want selfies that rock?…without filters? Then invest in your look and have Ashley or one her staff help you out. Ashley is always one the move for learning the best techniques and is my most hygienic spa I have been too. Plus check out her Instagram page everyone looks so good! You could have all that and be able to take a nap that you could actually call “beauty sleep.”

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Rikki O.

Pampering Lash Care Services for the Snohomish County Area Including Seattle, Everett and Lynnwood

Effective preparation and aftercare is critical for successful lash extension application and maintenance. The expert lash artists at Beauty Elite have developed these guidelines to ensure you are satisfied with your lash experience from your first appointment through your fill-in appointments. We put the same care into our lash work as we do PMU removal, lip blush care, eyeliner services and powder brow bar sessions. Book a free consultation to learn more about our lash and brow care and the best way to ensure your lashes last.

Attentive Lash Care Ensures Your Desired Look Lasts!

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