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Enjoy a rosy glow to your lips without ever worrying about the feathering or fading of your lipstick or lip gloss ever again. With proper lip blush care, your new permanent or semi-permanent lip color will look fresh for a year or longer. And that starts with great preparation and aftercare. Learn more about this exciting permanent makeup solution.


As with all of our services, it is vital to follow our preparation guidelines before your appointment, just as you would for lash extensions, lash lifts, and eyeliner services.

  • You must exfoliate your lips 3 days before your appointment, and then keep them extremely moisturized with a non-petroleum lip balm at all times up until your appointment.
  • Cold sores are a risk of lip blush tattoo. If you have had a cold sore in the past, we advise you to go to the doctor for an antiviral medication before any lip procedure, to help avoid an outbreak. Even if you have not had a cold sore before, we recommend all of our clients take L-lysine 2 weeks before the appointment and 2 weeks after the appointment to reduce the risk. You can also pick up Abreva, an over the counter treatment for cold sores to use after the PMU procedure.
  • You may come to your appointment with your lips the way normally make them up for every day. Bring in your favorite colors you use.
  • Avoid scheduling your appointment on or around your menstrual cycle as it can increase pain and bleeding which affects retention.
  • DO NOT consume any blood thinners 48 hours before your procedure. These include caffeine, alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin, vitamin E and Omega 3. They will cause excess bleeding and may affect your results including migration, bruising and poor retention.
  • Waxing or hair removal around the lips should be done at least 3 days before the procedure.
  • Tanning should be avoided for at least 2 weeks prior and approximately 2 weeks after, or until all scabs have come off.
  • Stop using any skin thinners & lighteners, including vitamin A, vitamin C, retinol, glycolic acids and alpha hydroxy, in the lip area 2 weeks before your appointment.
  • If you are getting a chemical peel, it is recommended that you ask your esthetician or dermatologist when they feel it is safe for you to get your brows done, but we require you to wait at least 4 weeks prior.
  • If using any type of Accutane, you must stop topical for at least 6 months prior and internal (pills) for at least a year. Failure to do so can cause severe scarring.
  • Cosmetic Botox or fillers should be done at least 4 weeks prior and at least 4 weeks after the final lip blush session. Do not get any Botox or fillers between your initial appointment and your perfecting session.

Aftercare is very important for producing a beautiful and lasting result, as it is with permanent eyeliner and lash extension care, too. Please understand the more products you use, the less effectively you may heal from the procedure. Failure to follow these aftercare instructions as provided by our PMU artist may result in infections, pigment loss or discoloration.

  • Your lips will feel dryer and tighter than usual afterward, so it’s very important to keep your lips moist with a non-petroleum lip balm at all times. Use a clean cotton swab to apply the lip balm so that you avoid infection and also to prevent spreading a cold sore virus if one appears.
  • Ice packs are a nice relief for swelling and bruising. Never apply them directly to the skin. Use a towel between the ice pack and the skin. Ice can be applied for 20 mins maximum.
  • Avoid wine, acidic, salty and spicy foods, coffee or other food and drinks that may stain the lips until fully healed.
  • Gently clean your lips with water after eating. Do not scrub, rub or pick at the epithelial crust (scabs) that form. Allow these to flake off by themselves. If removed before they are ready, the pigment underneath may be pulled out. It is advised to not use any makeup on your lips for at least 4 weeks after your final session.
  • Doing so can interfere with your permanent makeup on your lips and may change the color. It is best to purchase new makeup if possible, to avoid contamination or bacterial infection.
  • Avoid sun exposure and sweat, including tanning, saunas and working out for approximately two weeks or until all scabs have fallen off.
  • Always use sunblock after the procedure area scabs have fallen off to protect from fading and sun damage. In general, tanning will fade your PMU faster and may discolor it, even if you cover the area as UV rays are absorbed and flow throughout your body.
The Healing Process: What to Expect

It is important to note that this is an estimated timeline. Don’t get too hung up on the days. Also, lips can be unpredictable–some clients may heal with a lot of pigment retention, some clients may yield very little pigment retention.

  • Day 1: Lips are swollen and the color is bright.
  • Days 2-6: Lips start to peel.
  • Days 4-14: Lips should be fully peeled, and it may not look like the color took.
  • Days 14 & beyond: Lip color will continue to develop over the next several weeks and is typically fully developed at 6-8 weeks.
Perfecting Sessions After a Lip Blush Session

For best results, a second perfecting session in our permanent makeup and lash spa is required 8-10 weeks later; however, sometimes clients may require more additional sessions to get the look they want. After the desired look is achieved, it is up to the client to decide when they come back for touch-ups, just like lash and brow care. Generally, we recommend getting lip blush touch-ups every 1-2 years, depending on the client’s color retention preference. If the previous permanent makeup has faded to the point where it must be redrawn, it will be considered a new procedure and not a touch-up.

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I just got the powder brows done and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with how they turned out!!! Ashley & Deanna really took their time making sure that my brows were perfect before the shading process was started. They look natural, yet put-together. I’m looking forward to not having to do my eyebrows anymore in the morning haha

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Hali P.

You want selfies that rock?…without filters? Then invest in your look and have Ashley or one her staff help you out. Ashley is always one the move for learning the best techniques and is my most hygienic spa I have been too. Plus check out her Instagram page everyone looks so good! You could have all that and be able to take a nap that you could actually call “beauty sleep.”

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Rikki O.

Lip Blush Care Keeps Your New Lips Looking Fresh in Snohomish County Including Seattle, Everett and Lynnwood

If you love the look of lips with a little color and want to avoid the hassle of reapplying yours several times a day, then lip blush may offer you the ideal solution. Beauty Elite makeup artists work closely with clients to identify the best lip line and color for the look you want, and our state-of-the-art powder brow bar and permanent makeup salon ensures your safety and comfort throughout the process. We also offer a wide range of additional services that include PMU removal, and powder brows. We are truly passionate about making our clients happy, and we invite you to book your free consultation today for lip blush and lip blush care today.

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