Restore Your Skin with Permanent Makeup Removal in Snohomish & King Counties

There may come a time when you want to change your look or you’ve tired of a style that once suited you, but it was applied ‘permanently’. Don’t worry – you’re not stuck with it! Our permanent makeup (PMU) removal services restore and rejuvenate your skin to better than original!

What is Permanent Makeup Removal?

Whether you’ve had permanent eyeliner, lip color or brow color applied, application of a gentle saline solution to the skin activates the process of osmosis which lifts away previously-applied PMU pigment. In many cases, several sessions are required to completely remove permanent makeup. A number of factors influence the number of sessions needed, including the age of your permanent makeup, how deeply it was applied, the color used, the type of pigments used, and your skin type. Our powder brow bar PMU artists are trained in the latest saline removal techniques, and initial tattoo lightening consultations are free. You’ll have a good idea of the process, expected results and cost before making a commitment.

Restore Skin with Expert PMU Removal & Microneedling | Beauty Elite
Our expert makeup artists use permanent makeup removal and microneedling to rejuvenate and restore skin to a clear, beautiful, natural glow.
Restore Your Skin with Permanent Makeup Removal & Microneedling in Snohomish & King Counties

PMU Removal/Lightening $250

Testimonials From Google and Facebook

I just got the powder brows done and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with how they turned out!!! Ashley & Deanna really took their time making sure that my brows were perfect before the shading process was started. They look natural, yet put-together. I’m looking forward to not having to do my eyebrows anymore in the morning haha

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Hali P.

You want selfies that rock?…without filters? Then invest in your look and have Ashley or one her staff help you out. Ashley is always one the move for learning the best techniques and is my most hygienic spa I have been too. Plus check out her Instagram page everyone looks so good! You could have all that and be able to take a nap that you could actually call “beauty sleep.”

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Rikki O.

Can Any Kind of Makeup Be Removed?

If you’ve had permanent lip blush, eyeliner services or powder brows applied that you no longer want, you’re probably a candidate for saline PMU removal. Lash lift treatments and lash extensions are not permanent and last only a few weeks or months, depending on their upkeep, so no removal is needed for them.

Enjoy Convenient PMU Removal in Snohomish County Including Seattle, Everett and Lynnwood

Our quick and relatively painless advanced skincare treatments are simple in-salon procedures done by expert hands and require no recovery time. Beauty Elite offers these services as part of a well-rounded menu of lash spa treatments designed to help our clients look their very best. If you’re considering permanent makeup removal, book your free consultation to learn more!

Professional PMU Removal in Snohomish & King Counties Including Seattle, Everett and Lynnwood

Serving Snohomish & King Counties including Seattle, Everett, Lynnwood, Marysville, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Edmonds, Lake Stevens, Arlington & Snohomish

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